27 February 2010

Zuma Beach, USA

I worked in Malibu court and kept an eye out for Nick Nolte but didn't happen upon him. Knowing it would be a short day of work, I went prepared for a couple-hour reprieve at the beach. Not bad for a winter day in February.  Sorry to those of you snowed in or in otherwise very cold weather.

I do believe the third picture is of a shark. I zoomed all the way in (sorry for the lack of clarity).  The surfers didn't seem concerned, but the lifeguards appeared immediately thereafter and went out in the water in their kayaks, paddling their oars, creating a barrier between the surfers and Jaws.

I tend to see the Mediterranean more frequently than the Pacific Ocean and decided as long as I am here in L.A., I may as well put my toes in the water. It was ice cold! 
-- Josslyn 'Giosalina'
Malibu, California

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