18 June 2010

World Cup 2010

Most people think the national religion of Italy is Catholocism.  Reality is calcio (soccer) is the national religion

Personally, I prefer to play sports than watch them.  I don't have a good understanding of how the game is played.  I have only ever been to one soccer game in Los Angeles, but I do hope to experience a calcio game in Italy some day.  I've heard that it's quite an experience to be amidst the fans.  In contrast to spectator sports in the States, here I am told they stand during the game and sit only when the clock is stopped.

The World Cup began last week, June 11.  The fans are crazy and abundant.  A couple of friends here tried to explain the game to me.  I barely get it.  What I know is that soccer and World Cup is a very big deal here.  Don't be surprised if you're in a restaurant in the middle of ordering your meal and your waiter lets out an expletive and runs away from the table, not to return until minutes later.  It's happened to me.  You'll know why when you hear everyone but the tourists cheering and yelling and everyone gathered around a television in the bar.  Someone's made a goal. It's calcio.  When your waiter does return, he'll be happier than he was before. 

What I do understand is that the USA team is playing in the World Cup.  Today was our second game, another draw, and an important game against Slovenia.  We next play Algeria the 23rd of June.

As for Italy, they, too, had a draw.  The next game will be played Sunday against New Zealand.  I don't think Italy will allow themselves to beat.

As we get nearer to the finals, it will be interesting to see how the tifosi (fans) comport themselves.  They are very spirited here.

A sports journalist, I am not.

-- Josslyn "Giosalina"
Firenze, Italia

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