17 July 2010

Taglio Estivo (Summer Haircut)

My sweet furry child approaches 12 years old next month, and she's never had a haircut. Born in Los Angeles, where it gets hot and stays dry, we both suffer from the heat and humidity in Florence. In the summer she sometimes develops hot spots as a result of her thick coat, the heat, and dry skin. Spending her first winter in colder than ever temperatures including a bit of snow, she developed an extra thick winter coat and hasn't yet lost it.

So yesterday, we went to buy an antehumectant for her skin.The pet store advised I take her to the vet; so off we went to a handsome Roman veterinarian named Alessandro.  In addition to an exam and some recommendations, he urged she get a taglio estivo (summer haircut). Her gorgeous tail, her puppy fur around the ears, her shaggy hairstyle -- all gone.

Here she is this morning (before the beauty salon) at the bar we enjoy our morning cappuccino:

During the cut:

And after:

She loves her balcony where she can look from the fourth floor down on the passersby:

Cool (now)!

Who goes there...?!

Were it not for the fact that I stayed with her at the beauty shop, I would be convinced they switched dogs on me. I don't recognize this little girl. She is half her size. I now need to readjust her collar and harness. Her long, straight black fur is now silvery-gray and a bit curly. She looks silly but still gets plenty of attention from people stopping to coo over her.

She eats a healthy diet, better than my own, of boiled chicken and puffed rice, but it was suggested that I give her less chicken and start boiling whitefish with carrots, finnochio (fennel), and zucchini because, though it is a great diet, it is too heavy for the summer heat and too many calories.

-- Josslyn "Giosalina"
Firenze, Italia


  1. Nice hair cut, she actually looks younger than her age. Come stai? Glad you are doing well. I m almost done with school!!! -amy-

  2. Mabelina look beautiful and I'll be she feels light and cool. Fennel? What does that provide for her?

  3. I bet Mabel was grateful for her haircut. She looks like a teddy bear, and I can see the sweetness in her eyes through this photo. Mabel, what a good life you have.