15 August 2010

A Ritual

Walking my dog, Mabel, is a joy. We share the opportunity of exploration and discovery.

To observe her go pazza ("crazy") over scents hundreds of years old is something she didn't experience in Los Angeles. In Italy where civilizations are built upon older civilizations, she always discovers something new to her nose. Her joy is a pleasure to me.

In the months since living in Florence, I have avoided a particular street. Perhaps it is the steep climb that caused me to choose a different road. Now living only a few steps away, we have made it our regular, late-afternoon passeggiata ("walk").

The first time I recently explored the street, I had several discoveries. One discovery was that my friend P. and I were exploring the same road in the summer of 2006.

I was immediately filled with happy memories of our explorations -- pellegrini ("pilgrims") that we are -- four years prior.

So when I walk out my door, the options are either turn right and climb a few stairs or go straight. Either way, I begin a steep climb for at least half a mile. Within three minutes of walking, it is so quiet that it is easy to forget I am still in Florence.

A slice of heaven. The views; the churches; the villas; the backside of Boboli Gardens; Forte di Belvedere; the many little details of art, architecture, and sculptures are just waiting to be noticed.

They say, "Every day walk your dog even if you don't have one." Mabel celebrates 12 years of life this August.

Thank you, Baby Girl, for rescuing me!
--Josslyn "Giosalina"
Firenze, Italia


  1. What a beautiful post! Buon compleanno Mabel! :)

  2. Beautiful Mabel! May you and your lovely Josslyn explore many new roads and breath deeply of all that life offers!