27 February 2011

A Day for Baking

What does a person do when a friend is a long way from home (Australia) and yearns for a proper kitchen and her passion for baking? A good friend offers said friend the use of her kitchen, that's what.
 Ellen preparing pancakes
Australian-style pancake
My passion for good, home-cooked food naturally compelled me to help my friend Ellen with her overwhelming need and desire to bake to her heart's content. It was mid morning, and Australian-style pancakes were necessary to get Ellen prepared for baking. Australian pancakes are thin, light, fluffy pancakes, almost like a crepe, with brown sugar sprinkled on top and the squeeze of fresh lemon, then rolled up.  They taste even better when eaten with your hands.
 Aussie Ellen preparing batter with English Sally
 American Blogger assisting the baker
See, I can do more in the kitchen than just quality control.
 Flourless chocolate cake comes out of the oven
Torture waiting for it to cool
Canadian Sandra leaves Italy tomorrow and will soon return to her home base in Portland, Oregon. We wanted to say goodbye one more time. Being a rainy day, it made sense to invite the girls to my apartment for a bake-fest. We allowed Ellen to do her thing in the kitchen. We enjoyed good conversation, sharing life, love, and travel adventures over coffee and Ellen's delicious homemade flourless chocolate cake. My apartment smelled like heaven.
 Sally gives her seal of approval
 Sandra and Sally chatting
Sandra also approves of the cake
 The baker herself takes delight in the taste of her cake
It was easy to convince Ellen to leave her mixer in my kitchen as collateral so I could be certain she would soon return for her next baking project. Always happy, I am, to help out a friend in need.


  1. This afternoon was such a pleasure ... beautiful people, divine chocolate cake and wonderful new friends ... what more could you ask for on a rainy Sunday afternoon?! Sally x

  2. hmmm...ulterior motive in helping a friend. Looks yummy.