14 April 2013

Humanities 101 (Notes from a Recent Trip to Los Angeles)

More than two months ago, on 2 February, I left Florence in a hurry ... and arrived to Los Angeles with a sad and heavy heart under a cloud of unpleasant circumstances.  This trip home was not planned, but sudden.

The generosity of my friends and family overwhelmed me then, and now, when I look back, still overwhelms me. Each and every one of you played a part in my feeling loved and cared for at a time when that was precisely what I needed. Many of you went out of your way to be available for me in one form or another. Words alone cannot adequately describe my gratitude for your kindnesses. Nonetheless...

In a short month's time, I had the opportunity to see so many old friends, and family, which helped restore my faith in humanity during a crucial personal crisis. During our too brief time together, we enjoyed plenty of laughs, tears, stories, love shared, love lost, bonding, re-bonding, meals, and even a bit of shopping.  (Needed that!)

A big THANK YOU to all of you.

With love from Florence, Italy


  1. It was so good to be able to reconnect with you, Joss. No matter how much time goes by between our face to face meetings, it's like we never left. That's a true friendship to me; it's not about gifts or material things. It's the shared laughter, fears, hopes and dreams. The history of all those things too. Thank you for making the time to get together while you were here. Love Leslita

  2. I couldn't agree more, Lesley. Sharing our love and heartache, witnessing one another go through life cycles and being a part of it is all a part of the bigger plan. How can we exist without that *connection*? Thank you, my friend.