18 December 2009

*Snow Falls in Florence*

A stranger on the street told me I am "a very lucky, lucky, lucky girl."
It is 77 degrees Farenheit in Los Angeles.
I am very fortunate.

-- Josslyn 'Giosalina'
Florence, Italy


  1. Giosalina, a lucky lady indeed! And just in time for the holidays...can't imagine that Florence could be more beautiful, but now you experience the beauty in yet another way. Couldn't do that as a tourist!

    Enjoy and happy holidays! Love, Shirley

  2. GREAT photo! Extraordinarily well-composed: it obeys the Rule of 3rds; makes excellent use of powerpoints and diminishing perspective; has depth, color, and dynamics. ('Tis definitely not static!) I feel as though I stand right next to you and see what you see as you see it.