09 September 2010

Montevarchi (Arezzo)

A Friend in Florence organized a degustazione (wine tasting) event this past Sunday at a nearby Chianti winery, I Selvatici, in the town of Montevarchi.

We had the chance to learn about the winery's history, family, and award-winning wines. Based on my vast knowledge and experience of the raccolta (harvest) of olives last year (one day's work), I volunteered my services to help harvest the grapes next month and olives in November.

In town was a medieval festival, La Festa del Perdono (Festival of Forgiveness).

A parade. Renaissance clothing, games, and angelic faces.

A renaissance game is played, Giocco del Pozzo (put the ball in the well). Food is served. Pici dell'anatra (a thick, long, hollow pasta with duck sauce) is what I chose and paid for with Varchi.

At the end of the day, one Varchi equals 2 Euros, and 2 Euros equals $2.54. A fun day and a couple new friends.

-- Josslyn "Giosalina"
Montevarchi, Italia

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