19 September 2010


Ouch! Some days are like this. They just hurt.

And today was one of those days -- it just kicked my @**. Felt a bit overwhelmed with a variety of things that hit me all at once.

Having a little awareness of the three Gunas has allowed me to have a bit more self-compassion on an exceptionally tamasic or rajasic day. But today it all caught up to me and took hours for it to pass, working diligently while my soul weeped. They say, "The longest mile is the one from the head to the heart." Intellectually, I know better, but sometimes the heart just needs to feel what it feels.

"What can I do?" I asked myself.

I spent most of the day working and decided to change my environment. I went for a walk and discovered gorgeous light.

While out and about, a friend called to meet and catch up. Since she moved across the river to the center of town and started school, we haven't seen each other recently. It was a healing couple hours, and I absorbed a little more of the amazing light.

And I enjoyed a sunset behind one of my favorite churches...

Once back home, some heart opener asanas were just the thing that completely restored my soul.
-- Josslyn "Giosalina"
Firenze, Italia

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