30 October 2010

Getting Close

Here's the thing.

I am a freak for geometry, not in the sense of mathematics -- I did not get beyond pre-algebra -- but in the sense of shapes, patterns, forms, lines, and angles. I love the abstract quality of getting in close to something and seeing its beauty from a different perspective.

When it comes to technology, I am a bit challenged. I have this camera that frustrates me. It has been decided and proven that in the case of my current camera and photography, it is not only the operator that is defective but the camera itself. So it is not completely my fault that my pictures are often not sharp or crystal clear. That being said, the macro feature seems to be working well. And I am pleased with the results of this beautiful little flower.

In the grass grows in abundance these beautiful flowers that are smaller than an inch (< 2.5 cm) in size.

To many, these wildflowers are considered weeds. Weeds are usually thought of as a plant growing in a place not intended or desired therefore having little value. I value these weeds and consider them flowers.

Considering that the flower is so tiny in size and I photographed only a portion of the flower, I like what I see up close.

In two of the photos, you'll find an insect or some type of fly -- it has wings -- that I did not notice before loading the photos on the computer. Hopefully, you are not bored seeing the same flower many times. I love the color and details and couldn't decide which photos to leave out.

Simple pleasure.

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