25 October 2010

Spin Cycle

Spinning is how I feel I often pass through this life.
Like my photo, often looking at an object as a whole,
yet my eyes are fixed in the distance in soft-focus mode.

More houseguests and colder temperatures sent me to the new laundromat in my 'hood to dry the linens and bedding I washed at home. After six dry cycles, a bit miffed, and many euros lighter, I carried the heavy, still-wet laundry all the way back home.

-- Josslyn
Firenze, Italia


  1. "When the stars hit your eyes like a big pizza pie...that's "AMORE"! When the wash does not dry, and the water does not work, and the Internet goes out, and the heat goes off, and the washing machine floods, and the phone doesn't work, "THAT'S AMORE"!!!!

  2. What a beautiful sample of Italian cuisine!! and especially the hands that prepared it. there is nothing cozier than steam on the windows while something cooking on the stove and the smells of love in the air. Wish i was there to share it with u!