28 November 2010

Firenze Marathon 2010

 A short film
Filmed on location from my balcony

Whistling, yelling, clapping, horns, drums, noisemakers, church bells, words of encouragement all cheering me on and supporting me to be my best, to run my race, to cross my finish line is what was calling to me from below my windows.  Grazie.

Oh...all that cheering wasn't meant for me?

~17 km into the race

Some people are still on the course of the Florence Marathon as I write this blog post.

After crossing the finish line and taking your well-deserved medal...

Whenever I see a marathon as a spectator, I reminisce with fond memories and emotions of the days I was a marathoner.

...you get wrapped in a space blanket

Last year's marathon was ideal running weather for a race; this year it's cold and wet.

Gotta love the Port-O-Potties

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  1. I think the universe is cheering you for following your dream. Perhaps next year you will run? Sadly, the little movie will not work on my computer.