05 February 2012

Brrrr... A Deep Freeze Bites into Europe

By now you have heard the news that extreme winter weather has hit Europe especially hard the past few days.  I want to show you just how cold it is, but just how best to do that?  You likely have already seen the many pictures in your morning newspaper or television, but they keep showing the same thing, snow.  Snow conveys only the half of it.

Mabel had on a coat over her natural fur coat, and I was bundled up pretty well myself. Armed with my trusty camera, we braved the bitter cold, taking our final evening stroll on our way home from dinner with a friend.  It was that happy but freezing cold moment that we reached Piazza Santo Spirito and I saw its fountain. 

Imagine how cold it must be to flash freeze moving water! The photo puts into perspective just how cold it is here in Florence, Italy.

Of course, the north is used to extreme weather incidents. But the Mediterranean countries, aren't they accustomed to basking in sunshine year round?  For a Southern California girl, a high of 0 and a windchill factor of minus 15 (below 0) makes one want to run for cover, a big cup of hot chocolate in hand, and some serious cuddling!

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