17 February 2012

How Even an Ordinary Day in Florence, Italy, Can Be a Special Day

Today has been one of those totally spontaneous days.  I finished all my deposition-related work at 1:30 a.m. last night. Then early today, Mabel and I went out for our usual morning walk.  We returned home at 4 p.m.  The sun is out. Temperatures are now in the low 50s; cold, but the recent bitter cold has passed.  Another day or two purportedly will begin the rainy season.  When we left the house for our walk, I had no intention to be gone all day.  

The warmth of the sun, the physical and mental exhaustion from a recent heavy workload now complete, the freedom of not having to be anywhere at any particular time, the movement of the body, the feeling of almost spring in the air, Mabel and I just kept going where our feet led us Forrest Gump-style. On our way, we bumped into one person after another -- some friends and acquaintances and others complete strangers -- and engaged in conversations and laughs with all we encountered.  We enjoyed lunch, Lebanese food, with one of my friends.

Late afternoon we returned home, and I had a wonderful feeling of satisfaction, joy, and peace.  Mabel too.  She looks so content on her bed right now.  After a short time to recover from the bliss, I headed out with another friend to participate in an evening of Bhajan and Kirtan, a kind of devotional music, chanting and mantra in Sanskrit, and meditation.  Mabel stayed behind, content and sleepy.

Such simple pleasures.  Really, just an ordinary day.  I had no expectations, no demands, no worries, and therefore, I was able to just absorb and appreciate how lovely and special something so simple can be.  My brother believes "simple" also can mean "elegant."  Now I understand what he means.

I have no pictures to share of this glorious day because I was so unencumbered that I did not carry my camera, not even my purse.  Good thing my friend bought lunch!


  1. Josslyn - Just another day in Florence... I know that feeling. Can't say it's happened here yet for me, but it will. I'm counting on it. How many times in Krakow I would look back on the day and say: 'Just another day in Krakow' - in thanksgiving for the small pleasures of unsuspected pleasures experienced without plans. Anne B

  2. I felt uplifted just by the account of your day and evening! How wonderful to live in the moment and to be mindful of all the good around you! Indeed, we cherish such periods of freedom, much like a horse having its saddle and bridle removed [scoping :)] - breathing in the wind as it runs! Happy for you, Joss! ~slg~

  3. Anne and ~slg~, You both know how sweet it is when we get into that zen zone. It's the precious moments we accumulate that make it all worthwhile.