23 July 2012

Dim Sum and Then Some

I love Italian food, which is only one reason I live here.  Sometimes, though, it is nice to have a choice in cuisine.  

A brand-new restaurant named Dim Sum opened Saturday (two days ago) in Florence, Italy. They serve delicious, fresh food prepared in a fusion style - Chinese, Japanese, Saigon, Thai, and even Tuscan - and plenty of dim sum choices.  Even the noodles are made in-house.  With the open kitchen, we were able to watch Tiao prepare our dim sum.

Tiao making dim sum

Here and below, a variety of dim sum

We were happy with each dish ordered, full of flavor and freshness.  Max, one of the owners, was very attentive to our needs.

Fresh noodles and veggies

There is a small coperto (cover), but water and tea are on the house and the prices are just right.  Tell them Josslyn sent you.

Open daily from 12:00-3:00 and 6:00 to midnight.  
Via de' Neri 37/r, Florence  


  1. Every item looks delicious! It was November 7, 2009 when you created the first post on Il Mio Sogno. Almost 3 years ago.

    I just finished rewinding it to the beginning. I reread some and many I remembered just by seeing the beautiful photographs. The blog is beautiful journal of your life in Italy. I love every entry and every picture. Thanks for sharing your experiences and reflections!

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