07 November 2009

Where to begin?

The pressure is on. My desire to have a blog while living abroad. Five weeks later my struggle, "What do I have to say?" It's a rainy sort of day. Biscotti in the oven. Hours at the keyboard creating a template. Uncertain what will become of this or which direction it will go, know that I have a desire to write but I'm still without a map. So bear patient. So many things have already happened. Now I ponder "Where do I begin?" My preference is to write as my history is being created. It's difficult for me to now write about an incident or experience from a week or two ago. I need to stay current, but I have this achy feeling that I'm not doing it right (write). Doesn't there need to be some order? Forse ("perhaps"), creating the template was enough for today.

-- Josslyn 'Giosalina' 
Oltrarno, Florence, Italy


  1. I am so jealous! Biscotti in the oven? In a beautiful village that with these views? You have PLENTY of inspiration!

    Enjoy the new chapter (literally)! Love, Shirley

  2. Ciao Mia Moglie. Sono molto contento per te. Solomente 6 anni fa ci siamo incontrati nell'aereo e ora tu abbiti a Firenze. Sono un po geloso ma anche c'e un po d'inspirazione per tutti qui.

    Segua il vostro sogno finche non faccia accaderlo

    Follow your dream until you make it happen

    Sono orgoglioso di te!

  3. Ciao Josslyn - you've got it started, and already I see a passion that now comes easily once the difficult preparation has finished. Packing your life into 2 suitcases probably wasn't as bad as you thought! I would LOVE to see you in Italy once again. Keep the blog as current as you can - but just keep loving the experience!!!

  4. Hi Joss, you are so brave to have done this. I totally envy you. I have always felt like a free spirit at heart but never had the guts or the know-how to accomplish what you've done. Kudos to you, my friend!!! I too am a Christmas child, but my mother decided very early in my life to celebrate my b-day in August instead of Dec. 21st and that's how I survived the birthday/Christmas thing...
    Please feel free to call on us if you ever need anything and I mean anything. Have a wonderful experience in Florence!!!
    Sandi and JC