17 December 2010

Nevica Oggi / It is Snowing Today

On the cusp of a change in season
What is it about snow that brings out the child in each of us?
A dusting of snowflakes
Especially the first snowfall of the winter.  Especially for this girl from sunny Southern California where Santa Claus spends his time at the beach in shorts, holding a drink with an umbrella rather than drink a hot toddy, and Santa's elves wear string bikinis.
The girls ...

... only an hour or two later ...

... on Ponte Vecchio
I love weather's many changes.  I love the sunshine warming my soul.  I love the wind making me feel alive and frisky.  I love the rain, thunder, and lightning, being childlike and splashing in puddles, coming indoors and watching the rain fall, raindrops on the window, and steamy windows, and having that someone special with whom to cuddle.

Palazzo Vecchio

Piazza Repubblica


Piazza del Duomo
Snow...something so fresh, new, pure, clean, calming, quiet, and peaceful about fresh snow.

Piazza Signoria (above 3 fotos)
The elements when they keep changing, instead of staying the same, cause me to feel vibrant and alive. If only I could embrace this attitude with the continual changes in my personal life...
We just had to go out and play.  Everyone is happy, smiling, and laughing.
We'll see how much I love it when the snowfall turns to rain and the snow on the streets turns to ice and it becomes frightening to walk on.
But today, as the snow continues to fall, Florence is heaven and a playground for all.
Sledding outside my house
One of about three streets in Florence with a slight hill


  1. It's a winter wonderland! Like being inside your own snow globe. Incredible pictures, thanks for sharing.

  2. Now you know why I get so excited when it snows here! You're exactly right. It brings out the child in us. I love Mabel's coat! Great pictures.

  3. I was able to see Florence covered in snow while I am warm, in my house, with my big sweater and socks on! Mabel is the cutest doggie in the world. I wish I knew what she was thinking.
    You have captured the essence of a beautiful day in the snow! Sash