24 December 2010


A flower associated with Christmas in many parts of the world, its origin is Mexico and was first introduced to the United States by the former U.S. ambassador of the U.S. to Mexico, Dr. Joel Roberts Poinsett, in 1825.  The flower is known as Poinsettia in America, Stella di Natale (Christmas Star) in Italy, Noche Buona (Christmas Eve) in Mexico and Guatemala, Flor de Pasqua (Easter Flower) in Spain, Crown of the Andes in Chile and Peru, Atatürk çiçeği (Flower of Atatürk) in Turkey, Αλεξανδρινό (Alexandrinò) in Greece, and Lalupatae, Winter Rose, and Mexican Flame Leaf.

Wishing you

Peace in your heart
Peace in your home
Peace on earth

All the best in 2011

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Wishing you peace in your heart and all through the year, 2011 ~ until forever. Embracio Forte Sasha