13 October 2011

Blogger Meets Reader

An interesting thing happened on our way home the other night.

Mabel and I were out for our evening stroll.  We passed our gelateria, Cantina del Gelato, near home. Giuseppe, one of the two owners, was running into the pizzeria next door, saw me in the distance and shouted that he would be right back.  "Wait for me!" he said.  Mabel and I had no plans to go for gelato, not this evening.  We often stop by just to say hi, though, as both owners are now friends.
 Cantina del Gelato
When Mabel and I entered, a couple were choosing their gelato.  The woman turned around, looked at Mabel, looked at me, did a double-take, and then asked me, "Are you the woman who wrote about this place on her blog?" 

"I am.  How did you know?"

Turns out she recognized Mabel from the photos on this site.  (I tell you, my dog is world famous!)  She told me, "Thanks to your blog post, my husband and I have been here twice a day each day we have been in Florence.  We love the gelato, and we go home tomorrow."  

Seems her Google search for gelato in Florence led to my post.  Not only that, but it was the first on the page. (I am proud to learn that bit of news.)

The entire experience was very cool. Purely by chance I met a reader of my blog -- from Finland! -- in the very place I recommended readers should visit. Thank you, Coppia Finlandese (a couple from Finland), for recognizing Mabel, me, and saying hello. You made my day!  
Mirtillo (Wild blueberries.  Mmmm...)
I even merited a gelato on the house, and that always makes me happy.


  1. Hi! We are that couple from Finland who have the honor to meet you that night.

    Yesterday I posted a comment under your blog post "Golosa per il Gelato". BTW, I am a regular reader of your blog now. It enables me to experience Florence through your eyes.

    Also thank you for writing about the interesting encounter!

    We are missing the gelato from Cantina del Gelato, and this will only motivate us to come back Florence sooner. : )

  2. I am happy to have met you both!
    You keep reading; I'll keep writing. And for what it's worth, I volunteer to eat gelato on your behalf.

  3. That is awesome, Josslyn!