03 October 2011

A Delightful Episode of Sensory Overload: Istanbul

One week in Istanbul was not enough time to visit all that my friend and I wanted to see and do. Relaxation time was not in our schedule, nor our vocabulary.  Despite our racing about, I remember well the genuine and kind-hearted people we met.

I remember also sitting on the rooftop terrace at our guesthouse for one or two hours one afternoon under a grapevine canopy overlooking the Sea of Marmara with the sea breeze on my face while sipping Turkish tea, resting my weary feet ... finally absorbing all that touched my senses.  What a wonderful people, culture, city, and holiday.  I must return.

I hope my photos below capture the wonder I felt and help re-create, for you, the magic that is Istanbul, Turkey...

View of Galata Tower from the Golden Horn of the      Bosphorus Strait
Hagia Sophia (first a church, then a mosque, now a museum)
Making bread and Turkish pancakes
How many different kinds of baklava are there?
Another Turkish yummy.  Looks like birds' nests to me.
Selling melon
Passing the church/mosque mosaic
Mohammed and Omed, two new and young friends
Pistachio baklava
A "shish" lunch.
Spice bazaar
Turkish Pinocchio
A young friend anxious to grow into her shoes
Marble Halvah straight from the source!
Fresh-squeezed pomegranate juice in abundance in Istanbul
Corn on the cob
Smoking the nargile
On the Bosphorus looking at Asia heading towards the      Black Sea
Nuts, I just like the foto
Selling Simit, which is like a sesame bagel that ran into a pretzel
"Yaya yolu" is a funny way to say "pathway"
Sugar cubes, a necessity for Turkish coffee and tea
Skyline of minarets
Bitter melon reappears even more colorful than before    (See my earlier post)

I know it seems I ate my way through Istanbul, but I really did go to many monuments.

Turkish rugs and kilims

Among my many amazing experiences this holiday was shopping for a rug. I went to Turkey with the intention to buy one, and yet, I just might be one of the few tourists to return home without a rug.  

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  1. I so enjoy following your adventures through your blog. You and Mabel are amazing and I am so fortunate to have you fall into my life when you did....or perhaps it was I that fell into your life :) Please give keep the pictures coming!