31 October 2011

Day After Day in Florence, Italy

I hope the day never arrives when I take Florence for granted, that it becomes ordinary. Because Florence is not ordinary, it is not plain, it is not just another city.  I never want to stop noticing this city's beauty. Florence, for me, is magical.

  Costa de' Magnoli

This morning I attempted to capture, in a photograph, that feeling of magic Florence inspires in me.  The scene above is one I walk past several times each day, and each time its beauty takes my breath away. 

In the morning light, a patinaed wall takes on a softer shade of orange, the brilliance of pink bougainvillea stretching towards the sunlight and groping an ancient wall, the curves of an ancient cobblestone street, the bombardment of light just beyond the tiny, dark tunnel....  Simple, I know.  Perhaps it is unordinary in an ordinary way, and so extraordinary. See what I mean?  The total effect equals beauty. Spectacular.  Magical. 

Perhaps you agree.


  1. Yes, your photo points out some of Florence's magic.

    But your words complete the picture. You paint pictures with your words so that I can see and feel what you do see and feel. Must be nice to be able to write so well, and so effortlessly!

    Thank you.

  2. Yes, I agree! I notice something different about Florence every day. I was just thinking recently that I hope the magic never stops too! I think it will keep delighting us.